Porcelain process design


Patterns and structures are omnipresent in our life. They are gradually developed due to weather conditions or can be found in natural shapes and structures of diverse organisms. At some point mankind started creating them artificially by hand or by technology. In the field of design patterns are mainly used for visual or decorative application. But it really gets exciting when a pattern can support or extend the material properties as well.

GRAPHIC PORCELAIN is a unique new process of creating three-dimensional patterns on ceramic surfaces. With help of a stencil, a graphic pattern is generated, creating an amorphous structure, exposing an open porous surface within. As if in a time lapse the pattern spreads into the porcelain, leaving it with vein like structures on the surface. Driven by chemical forces the structure follows a self-implemented logic. On a small and large scale, it generates a tension between the overall structure and the smaller structure within, our gaze following the defined shape to an amorphous character.